branding and marketing strategy based on brand and management research of space x 

in cooperation with Laura Stachon (ACC) and Hannah Roscher (VK)


the space industry developed from a nation driven industry to an industry that is dominated by individuals and companies

we interviewed a former astronaut, Thomas Reiter, and he confirmed what we’ve researched already – that the whole space industry is driven by technology and lacks emotion

though this discovery seems obvious, we as designers aim to create emotion

inspired by the vision of space x we named it our goal to create a multiplanetary fashion brand

visn x as a brand is for professional astronauts, future mars inhabitants and ordinary space enthusiasts

the brand creates fashion, accessories and devices that enhance emotion, human connection, carries memories of other planets and feeds the yearning for other planets

we created our own online world, called visn space where the customer is able to visually travel to other planets, wear and explore them and get inspired for their next journey or simply a cool outfit

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